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Creams Salves Assorted For the Face Teas


Gardener's Salve

A soothing, healing & moisturizing remedy for the most active of working hands & feet. Great for abrasions anywhere. Contains certified organic comfrey leaf & root infused in extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil; with certified organic essential oils of rosemary or rose geranium and our local bee's wax.

Massage Salve

Use to ease aching muscles after a workout in the garden or the gym. Contains certified organic comfrey leaf & root, chamomile, calendula, St. John's Wort & yarrow infused in cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil. Certified organic essential oils of ginger (warming & anti-inflamatory), rosemary ( stimulates circulation & eases muscle pain) & bay ( stimulates lymph glands and circulation) are added.

Aphrodisia Salve

Essential oils of jasmine sambac & ethically harvested sandalwood with vetivert, grapefriut and patchouli are added to cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil infused with certified organic calendula blossoms. These oils have long been considered aphrodisiacs and ground us in spirit & love. A sweet and deep sensual massage salve.

Best Friend

This is a healing, soothing & emollient salve which protects your best friend's paws from cold & salt. It also soothes cuts, scrapes & scratches too as it relieves itchy skin. a combination of calendula, comfrey & tea tree. Made from only the purest ingredients with the health of your pet & the planet in mind.